• Upland Geomorphic Surface Mapping, South Africa Project: PSHA for the Thyspunt Nuclear Site, South Africa Client: Council for Geoscience, Eskom, Published in September, 2014 issue of GSA Today

  • Rattlesnake Mountain, Washington Project: Hanford PSHA, Client: Dept of Energy, Energy Northwest

  • Koeberg Nuclear Power Station Project: Duynefontein Site Safety Report Client: Council for Geoscience, Eskom

CCI is a high-end consulting company specializing in quantifying earth-science inputs to probabilistic hazard analyses. Increasingly, probabilistic hazard studies provide the fundamental bases for risk-informed decision-making. CCI characterizes the manifestations of the hazard, its magnitude, and its frequency of occurrence. Natural hazards include seismic vibratory ground motion, surface faulting, riverine and tsunami flooding, and volcanism.  Most CCI projects are conducted within heavily-regulated environments, thus demanding strict adherence to applicable methodologies defined in regulatory standards and guidelines. One of those methodologies is the SSHAC process, which has seen extensive use in the quantification of expert judgments for natural hazards assessments for nuclear facilities. CCI personnel were part of the development of the SSHAC approach and have extensive experience in the implementation of that and similar methodologies for nuclear and critical facilities around the world. Through over three decades of project experience, the firm has developed a reputation for technical excellence, exemplary management, and high regulatory credibility.