List and description of services

Probabilistic hazard analysis: Development of probabilistic models for use in natural hazard analyses including:

  • Seismic: vibratory ground motion
  • Surface fault displacement
  • Volcanic
  • Riverine Flooding
  • Tsunami inundation

Expert assessments of scientific and technical issues

  • Expert elicitation processes
  • Identification of significant issues
  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Facilitation of workshops and structured expert interactions

Structuring risk analyses and performance assessments

  • Identifying logical dependences
  • Incorporation of pertinent data
  • Facilitated model-building to account for aleatory and epistemic components of uncertainty

Geologic studies for hazard analyses

  • Field geologic mapping
  • GIS data compilation and analyses
  • Geomorphic analyses
  • Evaluation of seismic sources in stable continental regions
  • Fault behavioral studies

Hazard model development

  • Incorporation of physical processes
  • Discrete (logic tree) and continuous (parameter distribution) uncertainty characterization

Quality Assurance

  • Development of technical procedures
  • Validation and verification
  • Experience with NQA-1, NRC, and other QA requirements
  • Participation in QA audits and surveillances

Technical areas of expertise

  • Seismic hazard analysis
  • Riverine flood and tsunami hazard analysis
  • Structural and seismic geology
  • Seismology
  • Technical uncertainty quantification
  • Technical decision analysis
  • Probabilistic analysis
  • Interface and inputs to risk analyses and performance assessments